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Importance of quality fencing for livestock

Fencing is a way of demarcating or placing barriers to restrict animals and people from accessing one’s property, damage, or destruction. Fencing can be used as a way of managing domestic animals so that they do not access and destroy other people’s property. There is much importance of quality fencing for livestock. Some of them include:  

Keep animals from wandering 

Fencing restrains animals within a given area. This enables the animal to remain where they are needed hence no wandering off which may lead to destruction or damage to the cultivated fields. 

Control of diseases effectively 

Fencing can be used to isolate sick animals during disease outbreaks. This is because fencing makes the process of isolation easy. The sick animals are isolated from the healthy ones hence effective disease control and management. 

Easy rounding of animals 

Fencing enables you to easily round the animals. This is because fencing helps you recall where you left the animals. You don’t have to waste time looking for animals. Animals can not go missing hence making your work easy. 

Breeding management 

Fencing can be used to separate breeding animals from the ones that are not ready for breeding or those that do not breed. You also have control over the breeding of your animals. This is because you will get the best breeds for your animals at the time of breeding. It also prevents the inbreeding of animals which may weaken the breed of your animals. 

 Restrictions of animals 

Fencing restricts animals from accessing other people’s territory specially cultivated fields which may bring conflicts between the owner of the animals and the cultivated field owner. The animals are also protected from getting involved in accidents especially those that are near the road. You can monitor the movement of your animals at all times. Most of the time you don’t have to worry about anything concerning your animal’s movement. 

Herding land utilization 

Fencing enables the utilization of herding land easier since animals can use a certain area of space at a time instead of wandering everywhere, at a go. This helps in the proper utilization of pasture, gives pasture time to grow, and also diseases control and transmission. 

Protection from theft 

Quality fencing protects and gives security to the animals. Some people may walk on the farm to steal the animals so that they can sell them for money. Fencing, therefore, protects the animals from such people. It guarantees you the security of the animals. You don’t have to worry about the animals even when you are not around. It also protects the animals from bad people who may want to harm or poison the animals. The fencing prevents such people from getting close to where the animals are.  

Quality fencing for the livestock comes with so many benefits both to you and your animals. You should therefore invest in quality fencing so as keep your livestock safe from all dangers. You are also able to avoid conflicts with your neighbors as well as manage your livestock effectively. 

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