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A shopify websites are an ecommerce platform that are used to start, run and grow your business. Big or small-scale businesses use shopify websites whether they are selling their products online or in retail stores. These websites reduces the barriers incurred by business owners and making it easier for everyone printful image size

These ecommerce websites hosts millions of businesses all over the globe. It is a long term investment for your store. 

Benefits of using shopify websites 

  1. Easy to use 

You can easily customize your business website add products you are selling and start receiving orders. It is fast giving your business an edge over your competition by increasing your marketing capabilities thus making your websites easy to manage.  

  1. Detailed customer profile 

You can learn more about your customer’s shopping habits and contact information at a touch of a button. You can also categorize customer lists by shopping history and their location. 

  1. Website developing 

These websites have web designers who can help you in building a custom-made website for your business to help your online store gain more customers and grow. 

  1. Gift cards 

These will help you to increase your sales and provide a more flexible way for your customers to buy gifts for their loved ones from your online store. Customers can also check their balances. 

  1. Easy payment system 

The payment is direct as there is no third party involved in the payment process. The checkout process for the customers is easy and secure. Customers are able to input any type of currency and the website handles the country of origin and its taxes. They are also able to translate the online store’s language to fit your needs. Shipping rates are automatic depending on the location-based rates. 

  1. Unlimited web hosting 

These websites will never ask you to pay the online traffic your online store receives. Your website will be free from malware hence the customer information is always secure. Shopify websites makes it easy to create or buy a domain name for your online store. 

  1. Customer support 

They provide you with tutorials and have help centres with frequently asked questions and answers to help in the management of your online store. With online sites, there would always be a chance that it might crash, hence they offer 24/7 customer service to help you so that you do not lose customers. 

  1. Sharing your store with the world 

Potential customers are able to easily find your online store all over the world. Your customers can be able to share the products they like on your online store with their friends wherever they are all over the world. These websites will enable your customers to subscribe for updates for new products, discounts and coupon promotions. 

  1. Manage your store on the go 

The website allows you to check your online store’s orders, customer information and statistics from any device no matter where you are. You can also provide your customers with free in-built shopping cart which means they can browse and add to the cart by using their mobile phones or computers