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The best way to enjoy work is to make it easier. Home improvement is a continuous process and with the growing number of enthusiasts in home development the need for installation tools is growing. A Viking arm tool is a long-lasting installation tool that is used in the installation of cabinets, windows, fences, doors, kitchens and many more. 

The Viking arm tool comes with various specifications and features to enable its effectiveness in the performance of the various types of installation work. 

What are the specifications of the Viking arm tool? 

  • It is made with aluminum-The stainless and hardened steel ensure that it is durable and strong to handle even very high temperatures. 
  • Capacity-The Viking arm tool has a capacity of 150kg to 330lb which offers a wide capacity for different in installations. 
  • Operation range-The operation range is 6-215 (mm) which is quite a wide range. 
  • It has mounting holes to enhance safe operations and thereby avoid unnecessary accidents and damage to property. 
  • The weight is 1.4kg-3.0 Lb-This is manageable weight making it easy to handle. 
  • The Viking arm tool has been tested by the relevant body (FIMTECH) 

The Viking arm tool features 

A substitute for a combination of traditional tools  

The Viking arm tool. Provides the services that could have been offered by a combination of “traditional” tools. The ease of using just one tool to carry out various functions makes it ideal. 


It made from hardened stainless steel making it strong and durable. The long-lasting nature of the tool is due to its sturdy construction. 


The value associated with a service or product is necessary for it to be effective and in the spirit of enhancing desirable outcomes. The Viking arm tool is made of high-quality components like; stainless steel/ aluminum and carbon steel that is hardened for its optional base.  


The Viking tool has international patents for technical solutions. This ultimately means that it has been tested and approved and also protected as an invention for the use in the relevant operations. 

Precision and control 

It provides a controlled and precise tightening, lifting and pressing experience which in turn makes it possible to have safe operations. 


It has a capacity of 150kg-300lb which is great for a hand tool. 

Increased productivity 

The Viking tool ensures that there is maximum utilization of money and time which consequently leads to increased productivity. 

Inspiring creativity 

The tool allows home improvement experts and innovators to get even more creative in providing quality products at affordable prices and easier performance of various activities. 

The Viking tool features provide a general picture of its working. It is necessary to research and gain more knowledge on the Viking tool and its uses, prices and more importantly if it’s the right tool for you.  

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