Exciting Trends to Watch – Home Furnishing Ideas for 2021

The year 2020 has been a challenging one that most people wish to put behind them. Our surroundings contribute to our emotional well-being, hence what better way to put the past behind us than by looking into inspiring ways of updating our décor. There are exciting trends to watch and innovative home furnishing ideas for 2021. 

What are the Prevailing Trends in Home Furnishing? 

The current trends for kitchens involve seamless and sleek hardware. Handles on cabinets are streamlined, chunky ones were dispensed with. The prevailing set up had kitchen islands that double up as eating areas. Wallpaper is floral and feminine, geometric patterns are out. 2020 also saw the exit of wood burning fireplaces. These were replaced with environmentally friendly decorative pieces. 

Exciting trends to watch and innovative home furnishing ideas for 2021. 

In 2021, the focus will be on handmade pieces as opposed to mass-produced machine-made furniture.  There is a growing appreciation for locally made arts and craft items, vintage furniture and exotic pieces from other lands. The safari look with earthy tones and natural textures will be popular. The trending colors will be Cerulean, French Blue, Green Ash, Mint and Coral. 


Marble finishes make a comeback in the kitchen accompanied by cabinets made from pale wood. For those who want more color the opposite side of the pallet will also work. An interesting option is that of black walls and cabinets with chrome fittings and white counter tops. A modern trend is to install cabinets with push-open access. The absence of handles presents a sleek appearance. 

Living Room 

The new norm means that we are spending more time in the living room than we did before, hence the aim is to achieve a multifunctional space. Storage ottomans come in handy for storage of gym equipment and work supplies. Foldable desks can be incorporated into the décor. In line with the 2021 trend of incorporating exotic pieces, well-chosen, woven, multicolored statement rugs can be used to infuse color into the room Bungalow Five 


The bedroom is your personal oasis and sanctuary for relaxation. For that reason, most people favor cool calm colors such as grey and white for their bedroom. An exciting trend to watch in bedroom décor in 2021 is how touches of color can be incorporated into the bedroom décor for an energizing effect. This can be in the clever use of cushions, floor rugs and throws. Terracotta floors have also made a comeback in bedrooms, which also add a pop of color. These combined with colors such as emerald, apricot and orange wil give your bedroom a fresh look. 


The most exciting trends to watch when it comes to home furnishing Ideas for 2021 are to be found in bathroom decors. 

The latest trends in bathrooms are to incorporate natural elements so that the overall feel is that of being in the outdoors. There is a widespread use of natural stone in different textures and design. Skylights are installed to add natural light and a profusion of indoor plants is added to complete the look. 

As we look forward to the end of this eventful year, we anticipate new beginnings and an opportunity for a fresh start. 

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